Colon Hydrotherapy

So, why would anyone possibly want to have colonics? Some think of it as a distasteful procedure that would result in pure embarrassment. However, to the brave few that trust in an ancient therapy, they find it is actually quite modest, soothing, and refreshing. Not to mention the health imparting benefits one will receive with colon hydrotherapy. Countless individuals, who would not be here to tell there story otherwise, rose from levels of true desperation with the help of colonics restoring their life and renewing their health.

Total Toxic Burden

The total toxic burden is a summation of all the harmful chemicals that we come in contact with over time. Our bodies are exposed to numerous daily toxic waste byproducts from the digestion of food, the breakdown of dead cells, and the environmental poisons which our body is continually filtering. Internally generated waste products such as carbon dioxide, urea, nitrogen, food and fecal wastes, bacterial generated wastes and excess hormones like estrogens are a few of the common harmful byproducts of humans.

Contaminants from external sources such as pesticides (DDT) and herbicides, hydrocarbons like gasoline derivatives, plastics and styrofoam, medications, antibiotics, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) like formaldehyde, paint and glues, and common household cleaning solvents can all have a very deleterious effect on humans. When a healthy individual is exposed to these harmful chemicals in small doses they are cleared by the kidneys through the urine and the liver through the bile and out the bowels. However, due to the large amounts of toxic burden to our body, it is not always able to be fully eliminated. Therefore, these toxins will circulate and accumulate which may negatively affect enzyme pathways, glands, nerves, and the immune system resulting in numerous symptoms and disease states.

The Procedure and Results

The procedure is very relaxing in a healing atmosphere with Dr. Nguyen-Pham. During the treatment, all measures are taken to maintain modesty and privacy. She will teach about the procedure, the benefits, and educate about what is being seen in the elimination. At the same time, will stimulate particular acupressure points and massage the abdomen to facilitate elimination. At the All Naturopathic Clinic, we use a closed hydrotherapy system, The Hydro San Plus Model A, which undergoes quadruple water filtration and purification.




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