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Welcome to the All Naturopathic Clinic

Welcome to the All Naturopathic Clinic, providing the best of Naturopathic Medicine all under one roof, including Colon Hydrotherapy, Hormone weight loss, Massage therapy, Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, IV therapy, Minor surgery, 21 day Detox cleansing, and Detoxification foot baths all in a caring and comfortable setting.

Why Detoxify? 

We are constantly exposed to toxins in our lives due to air pollution, chemicals, fast food, and pesticides/herbicides that causes damage to our organs such as the liver, colon, kidneys, and effects the brain function. Toxins can also effect fat metabolism and may sabotage weight loss efforts.

Naturopathic Doctors all agree that seasonal detoxification of the body helps to rid the body of the past and prepare for the next season. Therefore, we recommend a detox program every season, and the New Year is the perfect time!

Insurance Accepted:

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon,United Healthcare, Moda (ODS), Pacificsource, Pacificare, US Benefits, Premera, Lifewise, Ameriplan, First Choice, Shasta, First Health, Providence, EOBB, EBMS, UMR, HMA, Health comp and many more.


20% off "at time of service" payments (quotes given per phone call includes the discount)

Now Accepting Auto Accident Claims

December Specials

PRP microneedling, PRP hair restoration, PRP joint regeneration

BOGO (buy one, get one half off)

Offer ends December 31, 2019

January Specials

Diet program Special-purchase the 26 days program and get 1 week for free!

We invite you to make an appointment today! (503) 644-7100

Happy Holidays,

The All Naturopathic Clinic


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